Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it's a ........murphy!

Sorry to leave you hanging back there in has been busy (good busy)...mommyhood is incredible...even better than I every could have dreamed! 

Exactly one week overdue, September 13, 2011 @ 6 o'clock PM on. the. dot. Taylor & I 
fell in love 

Murphy Woods deRoo
8 lbs.  2 oz.  21 inches long
and completely perfect.

cloud 9.

it's a boy!  hi murph!  xoxo

pink and wrinkly and all mine.

those blue eyes get me every time.

murphy woods deRoo.  i.  love.  you.

i can't think of anything i would rather be than murphy's mama.
i am completely smitten.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a look inside motherhood. not mine. sarah's.

a lot of my friends have babies by now...and i think they are all pretty incredible.  the moms, that is.  well, the babies are pretty great too.  but this little lady, sarah clark, is exceptionally wonderful.  she makes motherhood look so easy.  i know that it isn't and she would never claim it is either, but i love watching her in action.  i really admire her ability to multi-task.  she is a career woman and an A+ mom and wife.  

i don't know how she does it but i am hoping she can give me some lessons pretty soon because baby deRoo will be here any day now.

and this is her baby boy, jansen.  or baby j, as we like to call him.  and did i mention he is a little prince?  
he has the best temperament ever. love that kid!  
jansen is almost 14 months so sarah has a year under her belt by now.  
sounds like a good time to start mentoring a new mom like me!

italia: the experience.

here are some pictures from my amazing italian vacation with my amazing family-in-law.  (pictures are going on a year old by now..hard to believe...but they are still amazing.)  and no...this is not where baby deRoo was created, though that's none of your business anyway.  but since we get asked that a lot i thought i would go ahead and clear the air.  

italy was perfect.  i highly recommend it.  go there!