Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Progress Report

Today you will see a few little glimpses of progress made over the past week. These next couple weeks you will really see the house taking shape. We're 31 days away from becoming Central Avenue Residents!!

The siding and window trim has been completed for the front and west side of the house. The front door frame doesn't pop right now because it was created out of the iron gray color. Once it's painted it will surely stand out.

We really like how the color of the siding turned out. (but of course every time I try to take a picture for the blog it is cloudy and overcast!)

Our painters have been hard at work all week. They have been painting all of the trim in the house and the large rooms (parlor, living room, staircase & upstairs hallway.)

Here's a look at the new hardwood flooring that we're installing in the dining room, staircase and upstairs hallway. Since the dining room is an addition there wasn't an original wood floor to preserve. The stairs are also new, which means they didn't have original wood and the upstairs hallway has been patched so many times it needed to be completely replaced. In the rest of the house we will refinish the existing wood floors.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let the Siding Begin!

This week marks the beginning of one of the most dramatic changes that our new/old house will experience....the siding has begun!

These pictures were taken two days ago so we've made a little more progress since then, but hopefully you will be able to get a preview of what the house color will be. The siding we chose is called Fiber Cement Board by James Hardie and the color is Iron Gray. Our trim is Pierre Beige.

The siding you see in the picture is on the west side of the house, next it will turn the corner to the front, then the east side and finally end in the back of the house/dining room addition.

The garage will be sided last.

Good things are happening on the inside too. Two bathrooms have been tiled (the third bathroom will be one of the last rooms to finish.) Our painter is getting ready to prime the woodwork this week---and then paint it next week. Taylor and I plan to start painting bedrooms next week as well, so that the following week the floor guys can have the house to themselves and get to work on restoring the original wood floors!
Then, as soon as the floors are done, Taylor and I will start moving in!! We can hardly wait to live in this great old house!

Monday, March 16, 2009

tracking the progress

Well, if you've been regularly tracking our progress, then if you know that the next picture I promised you is of the barn door track system in our master bedroom.
Jerry, our builder, built the doors for us and we just LOVE how they turned out! We are going to paint them---probably a blue/gray color.

Pictured below you will see the system open. The system closed. And then a close of up just one door.
The door on the left (which is closest to the front of the house) leads to the walk in closet and the door on the right leads to the master bathroom.

Jeremy--aka--Tile Guy: also started this weekend. He's doing a beautiful job with our checkerboard tile. These pictures show the tile laid in the master bathroom and the beginning of the tile in the upstairs guest bathroom. Jeremy will tile the master shower this week -- and we're yet to pick out the floor tile for the downstairs bathroom.
As far as the time line goes, we are thinking that our painter will begin prepping the woodwork this week and probably spray the trim, and paint a couple of the rooms next week. (Taylor and I will also be painting some of the rooms.)
Our floor guys will begin after the painters are done.
Our plan is to be moved in by the end of April!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

splash of color

Last week --with the help of my very talented decorator & friend, Christy--we finished the interior color palate!

Now, I did the best I could in taking pictures of my paint chips--but as I am sure you can imagine, the lighting is not true to life--so when the colors are actually on the walls they will probably look different than how you see them today. But people kept asking me what colors we're using so this is my best attempt to show you.

Also in the picture is a swatch of the fabric that we are using to recover an antique couch for the living room. The oranger of the two fabrics will be for the couch and the whiter of the two fabrics will be for pillows, etc.
So--ok here is your color key---(cut me some slack because I forgot my notes so I can't remember the exact name of all the colors)
From top to bottom:
#1. Silver Sage---Kitchen walls & the built in shelves in the Living Room
#2. A very light neutral (Can't remember the name of the color off hand) & white---Parlor, Living Room, Staircase & Upstairs Hallway walls---(all trim in the house will be white)
#3. Bamboo Shoot---Dining Room walls
#4. Flax---Downstairs Bathroom & Upstairs Middle Bedroom Walls
#5. Artichoke Heart---Office walls
#6. Wheat Ridge (or some variation of khaki)---First Bedroom Walls & Lone Oak---for painted furniture in that bedroom.
#7. Cowboy Boot (or some variation of muted orange)---Laundry/Mud Room
***Not pictured:
Attic--medium khaki color (maybe Wheat Ridge)
Upstairs Bathroom--undecided (maybe repeat Silver Sage or Artichoke Heart)
Master Bedroom--(this color has been selected but for some reason it didn't make it in the photo. It is kind of a yellowy khaki ---for the walls of the master bed, bath, and closet. We will use a grayish blue on the sliding barn doors that will cover the master bathroom and closet entrances.) (pictures of those doors coming soon!)

is something missing?

the awning over the front door came down this week!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back on Track

Well I know it's been a while...so I hope I haven't left you hanging for too long! Life has been very busy lately and oddly, blogging hasn't been the top priority! :) But here we are, back on track!

We've got some fun updates to share...and although we might be jinxing ourselves by saying this publicly---but there is a chance that the inside of the house might be close to done next week! WOW! (and when I say "done" I mean done being built) this would mean it is time to start painting the walls and staining the floors!! The fun part!!
Jerry, our builder has been working so hard so we can hope to have the house move-in ready by the end of April!!
Take a peak at some of the recent updates!
dining room facing North East
dining room facing South East
Our Floor Guys have been testing a few rooms. This is a glimpse of the floors in the Master Bedroom after they have been sanded down. We have not yet stained them. Aren't they beautiful!!
And this is a shot from the middle (smallest) bedroom. Sanded, not stained.
If you squint...you might be able to tell that this is a bead board ceiling in the office. Newly installed but unpainted.
Below: prepping the house for siding. We could start to see the siding go up as early as two weeks from now!!