Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Progress Report

Today you will see a few little glimpses of progress made over the past week. These next couple weeks you will really see the house taking shape. We're 31 days away from becoming Central Avenue Residents!!

The siding and window trim has been completed for the front and west side of the house. The front door frame doesn't pop right now because it was created out of the iron gray color. Once it's painted it will surely stand out.

We really like how the color of the siding turned out. (but of course every time I try to take a picture for the blog it is cloudy and overcast!)

Our painters have been hard at work all week. They have been painting all of the trim in the house and the large rooms (parlor, living room, staircase & upstairs hallway.)

Here's a look at the new hardwood flooring that we're installing in the dining room, staircase and upstairs hallway. Since the dining room is an addition there wasn't an original wood floor to preserve. The stairs are also new, which means they didn't have original wood and the upstairs hallway has been patched so many times it needed to be completely replaced. In the rest of the house we will refinish the existing wood floors.

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