Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let the Siding Begin!

This week marks the beginning of one of the most dramatic changes that our new/old house will experience....the siding has begun!

These pictures were taken two days ago so we've made a little more progress since then, but hopefully you will be able to get a preview of what the house color will be. The siding we chose is called Fiber Cement Board by James Hardie and the color is Iron Gray. Our trim is Pierre Beige.

The siding you see in the picture is on the west side of the house, next it will turn the corner to the front, then the east side and finally end in the back of the house/dining room addition.

The garage will be sided last.

Good things are happening on the inside too. Two bathrooms have been tiled (the third bathroom will be one of the last rooms to finish.) Our painter is getting ready to prime the woodwork this week---and then paint it next week. Taylor and I plan to start painting bedrooms next week as well, so that the following week the floor guys can have the house to themselves and get to work on restoring the original wood floors!
Then, as soon as the floors are done, Taylor and I will start moving in!! We can hardly wait to live in this great old house!

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