Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back on Track

Well I know it's been a I hope I haven't left you hanging for too long! Life has been very busy lately and oddly, blogging hasn't been the top priority! :) But here we are, back on track!

We've got some fun updates to share...and although we might be jinxing ourselves by saying this publicly---but there is a chance that the inside of the house might be close to done next week! WOW! (and when I say "done" I mean done being built) this would mean it is time to start painting the walls and staining the floors!! The fun part!!
Jerry, our builder has been working so hard so we can hope to have the house move-in ready by the end of April!!
Take a peak at some of the recent updates!
dining room facing North East
dining room facing South East
Our Floor Guys have been testing a few rooms. This is a glimpse of the floors in the Master Bedroom after they have been sanded down. We have not yet stained them. Aren't they beautiful!!
And this is a shot from the middle (smallest) bedroom. Sanded, not stained.
If you might be able to tell that this is a bead board ceiling in the office. Newly installed but unpainted.
Below: prepping the house for siding. We could start to see the siding go up as early as two weeks from now!!

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