Friday, February 13, 2009

A Light in the Attic

Let the drywalling begin!!! The inside of the house is really starting to take shape! With the new walls up we can finally see what our happy little home is going to look like!

Here is a view at the attic!

this is the left side of the attic (we left the overhead beams and original brick chimney exposed!)
the right side of the attic will have closet space running the length of the wall with three closet doors to come!

that same chimney that you saw in the attic pictures is from the original kitchen stove--way back when--we think the laundry room was the original kitchen. so in our laundry room this part of the chimney (see below) was covered in plaster. We had the chimney exposed and then drywalled around it. the chimney doesn't function anymore but we love the brick!
ok, the next picture was taken inside the master bedroom. here you are facing east (the master bedroom is on the second floor at the very front of the house.) the white door you see was probably once a dressing room or nursery off of this bedroom. we will be using it for a walk-in closet. but we took some of the space off of that dressing room---and some of the space off of the guest bathroom that is in the hallway--to make a small master bathroom (which is what the other door cut out leads to.) it has not yet been trimmed. we are planning to install a barn door track system across the wall and then attach two painted doors that will slide back and forth (instead of regular doors on hinges.)
the doorway in the picture that turns the corner leads out into the hallway. make sense?

now, you might have to squint but this picture is taken from the living room looking north into the parlor. we just had that doorway in between the two rooms framed in and drywalled so we have more definition between the two rooms.
so let me walk you through this. the thing that looks like a new pine door frame is actually a built in shelf. it's just not painted yet and the shelves haven't been hung. (this was there when we bought the house, but unfinished.) (now, just for reference...the first floor bathroom is to the right of that built in shelf. and if you're looking at this picture, the kitchen is behind you.)
ok, moving forward. we had jerry create a similar built in shelf inside the entryway between the parlor and the living room. that is what that dark rectangle is on the left side of the picture. the window in the background is on the front of the house. that is what we are calling the parlor. the front door is just right (east) of that window and the office is just past that.
can you picture the layout yet?

and here comes the dining room. the walls are framed, the drywall hung, roof on and windows in!!
aside from the floor...this room is almost done! this view is from the kitchen. now remember, this used to be a 3 season porch that we ripped off completely and rebuilt. we kept the walls between the porch and the kitchen--which have the original cedar siding on them. i think you can see them in an earlier blog post.
and this is the new dining room from the outside.

the garage sure is coming along! and here's our handy dandy builder to prove it!

that's all for now. i am sure you are all wondering what we decided to do with the exterior colors....well, we made the decision to put on the james hardie cement board siding in --IRON GRAY and use a very mild khaki for the trim. Still planning on the mustard color door and black shutters but those we will paint by hand.
Interior colors have been selected too but you'll just have to wait to preview those...
Siding should start going up in about two weeks. stay tuned!

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