Friday, February 6, 2009

this week's progress

here you are looking at the inside of the dining room. the doorway with the plywood will be the entrance into the kitchen (it's just boarded up right now to conserve heat.) the window to the right of the door will stay and we will be able to use it as a pass through window into the kitchen. the actual door to the left of the boarded up doorway currently leads into the living room but will soon be removed and the hole will be drywalled. the dining room will be two steps down from the kitchen and along the ceiling we will run old barn beams to give it character.

hooray the garage is being framed!

the flat roof over the dining room is down (this flat roof will also support the deck that will be off of one of the first guest bedroom.)

There is progress in the attic! Jerry put up all of the insulation. Even though it's not drywalled yet, you can really get an idea of how this room is coming together. Just a big open lofty space! The "attic" is really on the second floor, just one step up.

the framing on the right side of this last picture is going to be built in storage closets in the attic.
So although we still haven't worked our way through the Color Struggle...we ARE making progress!! Our builder has been hard at work all week! I think this is the exciting part as the projects are finally starting to resemble the vision!!

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