Tuesday, March 10, 2009

splash of color

Last week --with the help of my very talented decorator & friend, Christy--we finished the interior color palate!

Now, I did the best I could in taking pictures of my paint chips--but as I am sure you can imagine, the lighting is not true to life--so when the colors are actually on the walls they will probably look different than how you see them today. But people kept asking me what colors we're using so this is my best attempt to show you.

Also in the picture is a swatch of the fabric that we are using to recover an antique couch for the living room. The oranger of the two fabrics will be for the couch and the whiter of the two fabrics will be for pillows, etc.
So--ok here is your color key---(cut me some slack because I forgot my notes so I can't remember the exact name of all the colors)
From top to bottom:
#1. Silver Sage---Kitchen walls & the built in shelves in the Living Room
#2. A very light neutral (Can't remember the name of the color off hand) & white---Parlor, Living Room, Staircase & Upstairs Hallway walls---(all trim in the house will be white)
#3. Bamboo Shoot---Dining Room walls
#4. Flax---Downstairs Bathroom & Upstairs Middle Bedroom Walls
#5. Artichoke Heart---Office walls
#6. Wheat Ridge (or some variation of khaki)---First Bedroom Walls & Lone Oak---for painted furniture in that bedroom.
#7. Cowboy Boot (or some variation of muted orange)---Laundry/Mud Room
***Not pictured:
Attic--medium khaki color (maybe Wheat Ridge)
Upstairs Bathroom--undecided (maybe repeat Silver Sage or Artichoke Heart)
Master Bedroom--(this color has been selected but for some reason it didn't make it in the photo. It is kind of a yellowy khaki ---for the walls of the master bed, bath, and closet. We will use a grayish blue on the sliding barn doors that will cover the master bathroom and closet entrances.) (pictures of those doors coming soon!)

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