Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a look inside motherhood. not mine. sarah's.

a lot of my friends have babies by now...and i think they are all pretty incredible.  the moms, that is.  well, the babies are pretty great too.  but this little lady, sarah clark, is exceptionally wonderful.  she makes motherhood look so easy.  i know that it isn't and she would never claim it is either, but i love watching her in action.  i really admire her ability to multi-task.  she is a career woman and an A+ mom and wife.  

i don't know how she does it but i am hoping she can give me some lessons pretty soon because baby deRoo will be here any day now.

and this is her baby boy, jansen.  or baby j, as we like to call him.  and did i mention he is a little prince?  
he has the best temperament ever. love that kid!  
jansen is almost 14 months so sarah has a year under her belt by now.  
sounds like a good time to start mentoring a new mom like me!


  1. Ohmygoodness ohmygoodness!!! you are back!!!! and wow! with a baby due any second!!!! Yay DeRoo's!!!! Wondering what those other "babes" will do when the real deal makes its appearance :) I have no worries, they AND you will do great!!! Our dogs were as spoiled as yours and they were perfect :) We didn't find out either...whether boy or's an awesome thing :) Good luck and can't WAIT to hear and see all about it!!!!!

  2. I'm DYING!!!! BOY???!!! GIRL???!!!!!! Hope all is well!!!!