Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good News for the deRoo's

Taylor and I stopped by the new house at lunch on Friday and found that Jerry had been hard at work tearing off the horrendous vinyl siding. It has always been the great unknown what we would find underneath the siding. Taylor and I kept hoping that the original wood would be salvageable so that we could restore the exterior of the home to be as historically accurate as possible. But...we were warned that the original wood from a 144 year old house could very well be rotted or even have planks missing. So...when we showed up at the job site on Friday and found the entire East side of the house exposed and in good condition we were THRILLED! Of course there will still be heavy maintenance that needs to be done to get the house ready to be painted, but the pure fact that the wood was in better condition than expected was music to our ears! Now comes the dreaded challenge of picking out a color for our new/old home!

here I am making my first blog appearance. Behind me you see the framing for the new doorway between the living room and the foyer. I am currently standing in the living room.

And here she is, the room that Taylor and I are most excited about--the loft attic! Jerry has started framing in the storage closet which will run the entire length of the side of the room. This additional storage will come in handy since when this house was built in 1865 they had no idea how much junk people would accumulate in 2009!!

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  1. Abs, this is so exciting! It's great to see this whole journey! Fun, fun!