Wednesday, January 7, 2009

pre construction photos

Greetings! well, we F.I.N.A.L.L.Y did it! we bought a house in Zeeland! ahh, Central Avenue---my dream come true! But the story doesn't end there, there is months of construction ahead before we can move into our new little nest! Check out some of our "BEFORE" pictures!! (but first let me warn you that nothing you see is from our project: colors, fixtures, ugly vinyl siding...etc. all of these things will be changed throughout the project.

a glimpse at the living room looking towards the front of the house

we plan to paint the kitchen cabinets a rich
chocolate brown and add a butcher block counter top. (getting rid of the green walls too.)

this is a 3 season porch...currently acting as our "dumpster." soon it will be torn off and rebuilt as a formal dining room off of the kitchen.

this is a look at the flat roof off of one of the upstairs bedrooms. we will put a deck floor on it and replace the rod iron railing with a white wooden railing. a nice spot to catch the summer breeze!

side view.

Ok...well i know these aren't the most glamours photos and the angles don't even really show that much but there will be more to come soon!!

Here are a few stats:
home--built in 1865, it is said to the be oldest standing house in Zeeland.
when finished this will be our layout:
first floor---
when you walk in the front door you will enter into a parlor or sitting room area. there will be an office to your left. if you continue through the parlor you will enter into the living room. off of the living room in a full bathroom and the staircase to go upstairs. if you continue to the back of the house you find the kitchen (basement off the kitchen), the dining room and then all the way in the back of the house is the laundry room/mud room--and the back door.
upstairs there are 2 guest bedrooms (one has a deck) and a full bathroom on the second floor for guests. in the front of the 2nd floor--facing the street is the master bedroom with walk in closet and full master bathroom. (small)
there is also a bonus room on the second floor--an old loft attic that hasn't been used in ages! it's very cool and we plan to build in some storage and use it for additional guest space, play room, etc.
the basement is dry but dirty. we hope to clean it up and paint it but it will never be fully functional. we are hoping it can be the area for the dogs.
there is currently no garage so we will be building a two stall un-attached garage in the backyard.
we're just really excited about all of the details we will get to plan along the way! more to come soon!!!

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  1. Welcome to the 'hood Abby, I live three blocks away to the east, same side of the street. Have fun, I like to paint if you need help.