Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So there you have it...all of the siding is off and here she stands, the original bones of the 1865 Zeeland home! And might I say, the poor thing looks a bit N.A.K.E.D!

This is probably one of the roughest stages of the process--visually. All I want to do is get the house painted and in better shape. (every girl feels so much better with a new outfit on!) But we will have to have patience because it is not painting time yet...and I guess it's a good thing because we haven't picked a color.
But it IS time to decide if we're keeping the original awning over the front door. We're thinking "no." We tend to like a completely flat front. Kind of saltbox style. But we're going to try to use the wood support posts that hold up the awning somewhere inside the home where they can be exposed. We're all about repurposing old materials. (especially when they have historic significance!)

Next you see the framing of the new dining room. This is the view from the front. There will be 4 windows along the side. (2 single windows on each end and on double window in the middle.) and then I think just one window in the back--or maybe it's a double. (I don't know, Taylor is better at tracking the details than I am. I am just the blogger!) :)

And here is an inside look at the new dining room. Can't you just imagine coming to a dinner party here...sitting at a long farmhouse table and enjoying a nice home cooked meal?! (I guess I better find a way to step up my cooking skills before this can actually happen!)

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