Monday, January 12, 2009

weekend progress

this is an old farm sink that we scored from an old couple out in Beaver Dam. Taylor found it on WHTC Talk of the Town and we went to pick it up this weekend. It weighs a ton!! We're going to use it in the laundry room. still figuring out if we'll mount it on a piece of furniture or if we will have legs built for it.

this is taylor modeling one of our new (antique) wood shutters, per my request! Roxanne found us 20 of these babies! just 16 more to go and we will have enough for the whole house!

this is the original trim that is around all of the doors and windows!!

and this is our bonus room! it's a loft attic off of the second floor. this room probably ranks pretty high on the list of things we're most excited about because it has never been used for anything---we're excited for all of the potential!
all in all, we had a pretty productive weekend. we also found five new light fixtures and a screen door. oh, and a vintage tin breadbox for the kitchen. i'm telling ya, it's the little things that get us excited!!

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