Thursday, November 4, 2010

book club minus the books. {part 2}

yesterday you saw our book  craft club dinner menu and today you will see our craft menu.

Silhouettes & Flower Pins.

getting the room ready.  sure does help to have a 300 foot long dining room table in times like these!

our fabric.

crafters.  hard at work.

Craft #1, Silhouettes.

silhouettes of my bballers.  york on the left and finner b. on the right.  (too bad york ended up with a really skinny neck and finner looks like a cat.  oh well, these were my first silhouettes.  like ever.)

this is shawna in the black.  you can't really tell in this picture but she is preggo and super cute.  she is cutting out a silhouette of her cute preggo self.  see next slide.

3 dogs, 2 weddings, 1 preggo and a partridge in a pear tree. 

hound dogs.

i started doing my own lovebird silhouette.  if you focus you can see a little pic of taylor and me on our wedding day.  we were so giddy.  welp, i spent too long working on silhouettes for my 'dales and didn't quite get to the wedding one.  sorry taylor.

hannah = green.  shawna = black.

 show off.  (me.)

got glue?

Next up, Flower Pins. 
Thanks to the step by step tutorial provided by Jones Design Company.

 Lindsey, Bria & Rachael.

 and here's a little glimpse my new silhouettes displayed inside my downtown farmhouse.

too much going on inside these shelves, you say?  i know.  i usually don't clutter them up this much.  but i needed a spot for my new crafts.  they might get moved.  i tend to rotate shelf fillers quite a bit.

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  1. Found your blog through Jones Design and love the idea of your girls' craft night. Would love for you to post a tutorial on how you did your silhouettes.

  2. Those are precious! Thank you for sharing the link to the tutorial. You craft nights look so fun! Thanks for linking up to air your laundry Friday!


  3. ok i am jealous... so much better than book club! i'm your newest follower

  4. thanks malia! i will take a look at your website!!

  5. The little dog silhouettes are my favorite. I'm thinking that Pica and Biscuit need their own :)