Thursday, November 11, 2010

falling in love with fall. {better late than never.}

this is the 2nd fall in our downtown farmhouse.  and boy has it been beautiful.  such nice weather and walkability.  i spent more time outside this past summer than i have in quite a while -- embracing my new neighborhood by opening our doors to the parade of homes and zeeland historic home tour, taking up running (1/2 marathon style, thank you.), walking to work, celebrating ordinary summer nights with neighbors and enjoying a little sun bathing on our new balcony.  (i am not usually a sun-aholic but it felt good this summer to let the heat soak into my skin.)

so it was hard to see summer end -- although i always, always have an extra sweet spot for fall.  and this fall has been extra zweet.  (the zeeland version of sweet.)  we have had beautiful weather and an active community.  i wanted to share a glimpse of some of the ways our little downtown farmhouse celebrated fall.

pumpkins, wreaths, mason jars, osage oranges...sounds like a perfect fall to me!

enjoy the last few weeks of fall everyone!

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