Friday, November 12, 2010

yorker's bad day.

the day was march 6.  the year, 2009.  this was the day king york was dethroned.  
the first day of the rest of york's life.  as in, the rest of his life as a second class citizen.  
poor yorker, he didn't even know what was coming. 

enter: finnley deRoo. 

yorker was 2 years old when we got finner b.  two years old in numbers but about 89 years old in personality.  york has always been quite chill, a bit of a loner and basically a grumpy old man.  (in a good way.)  he was the apple of our eye for 2 years. 
and then something rocked his world. 
something called a new puppy. 

(i apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures.  many of them are from my camera phone.)

york meeting finn for the first time.  lots of smells going on.

look at that face! who couldn't love sweet little finner?

answer:  yorker. 
yorker did not exactly love his new brother right away.  in fact, for more than a year i think yorker would have been thrilled if we would have gotten rid of finn.  and rightfully so. 
here is a glimpse at what york's life looked like when finn was a puppy.

i realize that all dogs play.  but finn's adoration for york was a bit excessive.  all york wanted was to be left alone and all finn wanted was to do every single thing york did!  finn seriously could not get enough of his brother! 

regretfully i don't have a picture of it, but finn used to bite on the tip of york's tail and follow him around the house like elephants on parade. drove york crazy!

and here is york pleading with us.  "what did i do to deserve this?"

this wasn't a friendly game of tug.  this was finnley stealing every single one of york's toys. 
(sorry the picture is crooked. i couldn't fix it quickly.)

finnley gloating with york's bear.  obviously finn didn't give up until he stole the toy away from york.

finnley hoarding more of york's toys.

and here is a nice little sequence of pictures.
finn and york, laying next to each other peacefully.  becoming friends, possibly?

not quite.  finn was just acting cute until he had the chance to go in for the kill. 

and here you can see finn about to chew york's face off.  such good manners.

more chewing.

and here is york relaxing on his pillow.  one of his only belongings that finn hasn't stolen.
and...i spoke too soon.

at least in these pictures finnley has his own bone and isn't trying to steal york's.  but he is definitely invading york's personal space.  just wanting to be as close to his brother as possible.  i can imagine that york was likely growling under his breath the whole time. 

and here they are, grown up and sharing a nap on the bed.  i guarantee york was here first and finn jumped up and planted himself right inside the spoon of his big brother. 
york has given up by now, realizing that his life will never go back to the way it was BFb. 
(before finnner b.)

i like this picture.  i call it octo-dale.  you can't see all 8 legs, but you get the point.  again, i would bet money that york claimed the spot first.  finner just has to do everything york does. 

and although finn is the little brother he is definitely the alpha male.  has been since day one.  we wish yorker would stick up for himself a bit more but i guess you really can't teach an old dog new tricks. 

every day finn steals york's toys, tries to steal his food, butts his way to the front of the line to greet our company or to get a hug and kiss from us when we get home after work.  finner is constantly pushing yorker around (as seen below in what was supposed to be a york AND finn photo shoot for taylor's birthday card.  well, this is the only picture york was in.  finner basically pushed him off the couch and the photo shoot turned into finnley deRoo glamour shots.)

yorker has finally somewhat embraced having a brother.  he will even initiate the play time occasionally.  but it seriously took over a year for him to warm up to finner.  and even then it might just be because he finally realizes that this little pest of a brother isn't going anywhere so he might as well make the most of it.

don't worry, we have a pity party for york sometimes so he doesn't feel as bad.


  1. Finally, someone who loves their dogs as much as we love ours. This post made me smile and I sent it to Ryan for an afternoon pick-me-up. Loving reading your blog Abby! Think we should join crafting forces sometime soon!

  2. they sound EXACTLY like my two dogs, charlie and jake. they've now been brothers for 7 years, and jake (younger) still sits on top of charlie if he wants that spot and just waits for charlie to move... but they cuddle and love each other, play together, and keep each other and our family company!

  3. my son's boxers are exactly like these 2 darlings and i alwayz take up for the older 1 ty for the post gave me alot smiles i think i love reading bout bloggers love for there pets as much as there re-do's and creations. have a great weekend

  4. Awwwwwwww :) I love them!!!! And that Octo-Dale picture is priceless!!!! Can't wait for our new May...whatever breed we decide on!!!!!! I'm sure leaning towards a Dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Staci I can't wait to hear what kind of puppy you get! My fingers are crossed for a 'dale!

  6. This post is too cute -- I love all the pictures. We have 2 welsh terriers (that look like mini-airedales) and had the EXACT same experience when we got our new puppy earlier this year. I think Riley is still wondering when Zoey will be making her way to a new home! :) Aren't they so fun?

    P.S. I'm new to your blog (I found it via Cassie at who knows I love airedales and welshies).

  7. Don't know why my profile didn't show up on my first post, but you can check out our dogs at

  8. Love the pictures of Finn and York - our Airedales were Spinner and Ali, and although both are gone, after ripe old ages and much spoiling, we miss them so. With two (sweet!) hand-me-down dogs right now, no room for an Airedale, but we'll have them again. Such fun, funny, endearing dogs. LOVED your layered rugs in the bedroom; keep adding, looks very cozy, different, like they've just accumulated there over time. And I WANT the Airedale pillows on your bed!

  9. emily & lindley -- thanks for lovin' on Y&F. they sure are the favorite things inside my downtown farmhouse!!

    thanks for following! i will be sure to check out your blogs too!

    and btw...i made those airedale pillows. i will post about it this Christmas season!

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