Wednesday, November 10, 2010

layered rugs + master bedroom photoshoot.

so i'm going to ask the question: how do you feel about layered rugs?  i see it happening all over the place.  well, not all over the place, like not in boring places.  more like in anthropologie catalogs, country living magazines and in other intheknow design resources that i stalk.  check out some examples above and below..

so, here's the question..can i pull it off?  read on.

somewhat unintentionally i have found myself collecting rugs.  it all started because i wanted something to put down in our master bedroom. 

1. because our dogs were scratching up our newly refinished floors.  bad dogs! 
2. because i wanted to absorb some of the extra floor space and make it feel cozier and
3.  to keep my tootsies warm.  (although this isn't really a big deal since i tend to wear socks to bed.)

so i was at ikea (thanks megan and marcus for taking me) and i found a great price on a big white rug that would fit under our bed and take up a lot of the extra, cold, floor space.  so i snatched it up, i also went home with a couple identical throw rugs that looked primitive to me.  i think they were like 4 bucks each.  score!  (when i am at ikea i tend to buy anything i see that looks primitive...mostly because i am so impressed to see that style in such a big modern warehouse of a store...i just can't resist.  especially when it's cheap.)

anyway, when i got the big white rug home and laid it on the floor it just looked big and white.  with the white bed skirt and the white curtains it was just a lot going on.  plus (although i should  have seen this one coming) the white rug has started to get quite dirty in the 2ish short months that we have had it.  thanks a lot york and finn.

but then last weekend taylor and i were at target and there was this bright yellow rug that matches like everything in my house.  i liked the color and the texture.  and the price (14 bucks.)  so it came home with me too. 

and then, without  planning it, i got the idea to start layering my rugs.  (the 2 matching ikea rugs had been folded in a corner for the last 2+ months since i bought them.) 

so what do you think?

yorker likes it.

here's your close up.

notice how much space i still have between the rug and the closet door.  just imagine if i didn't have the rugs there how bare it looked!

so, i think i am liking the layers.  but am i crazy?  does it just look sloppy or random?  be honest, now.  i might not take your advice (i tend to be bullheaded sometimes, right taylor?) but i really do appreciate feedback.  leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  thanks, in advance!

and now just a few additional shots of my master bedroom.  i figured while i had the camera out i might as well give you more to look at.

i'd still choose you. 
i bought that sign from my friend christy's tag sale last year.  fyi -- the 2011 tag sale is next week!  i can hardly contain myself i am so excited!  want to see what else christy does?  check out her blog

i realize my wreath is too high.  don't judge me -- i hung it up about 3 minutes into my photo shoot -- on my lunch hour and without a nail -- in other words -- it's just barely hanging on.  i was afraid to move it or i wouldn't get it back up in time to finish my blog.  i will adjust it later.  in fact, it has probably already fallen by now.  (haven't checked yet.) 

i think my bookpage wreath actually looks pretty cute there. 
may have just found a permanent home for that sucker!

ok, so i am all ears.  are the rug layers crazy like "oh abby, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"  or are they one of the coolest things you've ever seen like "oh! abby, you should be featured in a magazine!!"  :)


  1. I like it Abby. I love the look of your bedroom, the closet doors are AWESOME!

  2. I like the layered look! Very cute! What if you played around with the arrangement a little? Maybe bring the yellow rug towards your closet a bit more?

  3. I, personally, think it looks too perfect, the rugs need to be offset somewhat, otherwise it seems like you are trying to cover up stains.

  4. Abby, I am all about the layers. Love it. Maybe make them a bit more random and organic looking. Also, love the bedspread. Dwell studios? I've got the same one :) Great minds...

  5. thanks everyone, for your comments! i played around with the rugs again last night but didn't take pictures yet. next week i will post the new arrangement options and let you vote! thanks!!

  6. your dog is so cute!!!