Wednesday, October 27, 2010

100 years old and she still looks great!

me, T, Gonz, VD, & Rach
(a small showing from the class of 2004)

Last weekend I ventured back to campus for the Hope College Homecoming festivities. You see, this was a special year for me and my sisters in blue because Delta Phi celebrated her 100th birthday!! We are so.very.grateful for our beloved sorority where we learned important life skills like love and loyalty, how to accessorize a navy blue suit, booklore and wisdom not found in books, the proper use for a backpack, the importance of calisthenics, all forms of social activity that truly enrich the lives of those who participate, how to handle a canoe and STRONG ENTHUSIASM!

T, Gonz, me, VD & Rach.

We were well-rounded girls who knew our way around a Toolshed and the Country Club.

We celebrated the beginning of the weekend with a very special tribute to four o’clock on Fridays and were especially fond of the colors Lincoln Green and Pearl White.

Delphis somehow were immune to the rule that navy and black don’t match. On any given day you could find 93% of Delphis sporting a navy blue hooded sweatshirt, black pants and black boots. We were so.very.stylish.

There were times when we may have thought that perhaps Delphi wouldn’t make it; that something tarnished her reputation beyond repair. But we should have known better. Delphi = strength and unity and tradition and she’s not going anywhere. So here’s a toast to the Delphis young and old!

(And I want to give a shout out to the Delphis of the 80’s. Thanks for being BIG and inventing everything cool.) Oh brother. :)

Congratulations Delphi! You’re still as hot as ever!

**Disclaimer. The Delta Phi Sorority is a local sorority found on the campus of Hope College and is not affiliated with any national greek organizations. What does this mean? Well, basically our rules are different (better) and our bond is stronger (also better.)


  1. cute pics of what sounds like a perfect girls weekend!

  2. Ahh - you are too cute. Such a fun time. I still owe you all of the pics from the weekend. I'll send them soon :)

  3. What a great tribute! I loved it! Wish I could have been there!

  4. Yay for 100 years of Delphi!!! It was good to see you last weekend!

  5. Nice post!
    Thanks for sharing this.