Sunday, October 24, 2010

the language inside a downtown farmhouse {part 1}

Ok, we’re getting personal. Are you ready? We’re all friends here, right?

I thought I would provide for you with a glossary of terms that may pop up in my blog from time to time. Otherwise known as nairisms. Wondering what a naire is? Some of you already know, but I haven’t quite decided if I will tell the rest of you or not. But bear with me….maybe I will come around. For now just understand that a nairism is the same thing as a deRooism (but for the Taylor and Abby branch of the deRoo family tree only. Not that we are shunning the other branches (or other DeRoo trees that aren’t part of our forest: Amy DeRoo, that’s you!)…actually I was only being super specific to shield our other deRoo family members from embarrassment, since this has nothing to do with them.)

Ok, let’s get started.

Scoop ya.
Definition: pick you up.
Used in a sentence: “I will plan to scoop ya for lunch today.”

Boogie Woog.
Definition: Let’s go.
Used in a sentence: Clark: “We have a tee time at Battlefield in 10 minutes.” Taylor: “Well, let’s boogie woog!”

Scrum de la scrum.
Abbreviations: Srum Money. Scrum.
Definition: #1. delicious. #2. eat.
Used in a sentence: Taylor: “Abby, your pumpkin roll cake was scrum.” Or “What do you want to scrum on for lunch?”

Oh B.
Definition: Oh Brother.
Used in a sentence: just say this phrase in combination with anything that deserves an eye roll:  Abby: “I’ve got really good news! Anthropologie is moving into Breton Village!” Taylor: “Oh B.”

Busters. Busties. Busterballs. Bballs. Bballers. Busterloves.
Definition: York and Finn.
Used in a sentence: “I am going to take those busters to the field when I get home.” or “How did those bballers do at the vet?”

Definition: Kissing.
Used in a sentence: “Finn, you’re so sweet, thank you for that smoochfest!”

D Queen.
Definition: Drama Queen.
Used in a sentence: (one of the dogs lets out a big sigh as he plops down on the floor) “York, stop being such a D Queen!"

Definition: Pizza. Obviously.
Used in a sentence: “Should we have some za tonight?"

Definition: Ice Cream. Obviously.
Used in a sentence: “Want to have some scream with me?”

 Here are some visuals:

Taylor just scrummed on his dinner.



 Two tired busties.

Taylor and Clark on a ceramic horse.  Oh B.

Taylor being a weirdo.  An even bigger OH B!

York being a D Queen.

York hiding in the bathtub and being a D Queen again.  Oh B!  That buster!
See how I did that?  (above)  I wanted to show you how you can combine several nairisms into a single phrase.

So, that’s enough for today. I think I will hold off on telling you the story behind naire. It’s kind of a lot to handle and I just don’t think we’re quite there yet, you and me. It’s just too soon.

But at least now you know how to translate some of the language that goes on inside our downtown farmhouse. Please stay up to speed; I was getting a little tired of censoring my blog. thank you.


  1. That wasn't Taylor's dinner...FYI. That picture should be an.... OH B!

  2. lolllllllll i'll never keep up......but i so love these dogs!!