Monday, October 18, 2010

Stella and Dot wannabe weekend in Chicagoland

I spent this past weekend in Chicagoland with my friends Megan, Bethany & Emily.  (We can paint this Chicagoland weekend as glamorous as you'd like...but actually when I say "Chicagoland" I really mean Huntley...a burb west of the City.  We spent the weekend at Megan's townhouse, visiting, shopping, watching a dvr concert of Beyonce, eating Hot & Ready pizzas, complaining about Sister Wives, and crafting in our sweatpants.  Fancy, I know.)

I wanted to show you the results of one of our crafts.  We were all quite fond of the look of this lovely Stella and Dot necklace -- but due to budget constraints, otherwise known as Dave Ramsey, we could not afford the originals.  So we took matters into our own hands and crafted a new version of these beaded beauties.


Thanks to the generous bead supply at JoAnn's & Michael's, some handy 50% off one item coupons, and some coordinating ribbon, we managed to update our jewelry collection for less than $9 a necklace (and that's talking full price...if you're thrifty enough to use a coupon, you can shave a few extra pennies off!)  We made both coral and turquoise necklaces.  I would love a cute mustardy yellow one...but I couldn't find any beads the right color.


I actually swapped out my choice of ribbon after I took these pictures.  I ended up using something a bit thicker and sheer so the beads would stay put when I untie the necklace to put it around my neck.  I will try to post an updated picture soon. 

*note: we did not fill our entire ribbon with beads like Stella and Dot does...
# 1. I thought that would be a bit heavy on my neck.
# 2. We were crafting on a budget and more beads equals more money.

Stella's necklace is likely more impressive but we were perfectly happy with our results!  The other girls made bracelets too. (I didn't.  I stuck to necklaces.)
One more thing....Sunday I rushed back for a deRoo dinner with my inlaws. Ingrid, my super-fab sister-in-law who is an amazing chef made this:

Oh my, it was amazing.  And I am not just saying that because the only thing I had eaten all weekend was salt infused fast food covered in grease-- this dish was seriously so good.  Ingrid thought it was good too but not something she would make all the time, but seriously, Taylor and I devoured it.  We would eat it every day! You should try it!  Ingrid hasn't blogged about it yet, but I think she should!  :)   It's Looking Like a Beautiful Day.

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  1. Those turned out really cute!

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  3. I have that Stella and Dot necklace (my friend sells it). And we do Dave Ramsey too. And I went to Eastown Antiques the same day you blogged about it. WEEEEIRD.

  4. stephanie...where is your craft outlet? i would like to check it out sometime!

  5. Sounds like a super fun weekend! Although, I can't imagine there could be anything to complain about Sister Wives?! Ha, or just about everything. I knew I shouldn't be watching but I could not watching a train wreck. Your necklaces are super cute, I kinda like how they stop and aren't full beaded, I think that's a more modern look. A complete string of beads reminds me of my Great Aunties...old lady even with a cute brooch to add some sparkle. Thanks for linking up to A Crafty Soiree:)