Friday, October 29, 2010


Today we’re headed to Kentucky. KY is our most frequented vacation spot. Why? you ask?

Remember them?
Chris and Sarah Clark.  They’re why.

 And Jansen too.

I have lost count as to how many times we have visited Kentucky. Sarah probably knows; she’s good at numbers.

Chris…more commonly known, just as Clark. Is basically our travel agent. Check out the itinerary he sent us. (this is something we can come to expect from Clark every time we visit. He usually gets quite excited and starts planning the itinerary a month before the visit. We like it that way.)

Friday 10/29
deRoo’s arrive.
7:00pm Clark-deRoo Oktoberfest!
-Dinner, drinks, tricks, treats, and crafts

Saturday 10/30
7:00am Clark’s café opens.
-Special of the month: Country biscuits and gravy.
10:30am Depart for Lexington
11:30pm ZAX ATTACK
12:30pm Keenland.
4:00pm Need to be at home to prepare for Halloween.
5:00pm Hogge family arrives for BBQ, drinks, and pre-game trick or treating.
6:00pm Trick or Treating officially starts
7:00pm Kentucky vs Miss.State ESPNU
8:00pm Michigan vs. Penn State ESPN
8:00pm Ohio State vs. Minnesota ABC

Sunday 10/31
8:00am Clark’s café’ opens.
-Sunday Special: Flapjacks and Bacon
9:30am Taylor/Chris depart for Arlington. (10:10 tee-time with Brian and Brother)
9:30am Gilmore Girls and craft for the girls and Jansen.
2:30pm Home from Arlington.
5:00pm Giovanni’s Pizza (take out) or Casa Café’ (dine in)

Monday 11/1
6:00am Clark’s café opens.
-deRoo’s pack car to depart then realize they are staying another day.

Here are a few sneak peaks of Keenland.  Put it on your list of things to do.  It's beautiful. 

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  1. have a fabulous weekend. we love keenland! and your green scarf is SERIOUSLY cute!! :)