Thursday, October 21, 2010

a ruffle what?

have you ever heard of a ruffaletta?  me neither.  but my most very talented facebook friend, dawn joldersma introduced me to it on her blog.  it's basically right up my alley.  i am a big fan of anything with ruffles.  especially when they are plastered all over my clothes.  honest.  in fact, dawn was so kind as to call me out in her blog just so i wouldn't miss this fabulous new fashion concept. 

thanks dawn, it's breathtaking.  however, i can't sew.  but here's an could make me one and mail it to me at my downtown farmhouse.  i could take pictures of myself wearing it and post it on my blog for all 11 of my readers to see!  then you could link to it on your blog so all 4 of your readers can see!  together we could show the world!!

you see, i am trying to grow my blog and that means increase the number of followers.  so, dawn we could go on this reader-gathering-mission together.  but maybe it won't work because we would just be swapping readers back and forth and not actually venturing out into the greater blogmosphere.  hmm...maybe we need a new strategy. 

here's the thing people, i have been decently diligent about blogging over the past week-ish.  have you been enjoying my chatter?  i get my motivation from my people (yes, you.) and if you want me to keep blogging about the nonsense in my life that i find important...than subscribe to my blog so i know you care.  remember how i said my hobbies have the tendency to go in phases?  well, this little phase is likely to fizzle right out if no one follows my blog. 

consider this your friendly warning. 

read dawn's closet theory fashion blog here


  1. I have to admit that I am more interested in your downtown farmhouse than rufflettas!

  2. just stay tuned, matt. there will be something for everyone. :)

  3. you've got that right Matt!

    I may take you up on the offer Abby; give me your color preferences & I will see what fabric I have to refashion for you!

    tell us more about the zweet life!

  4. you choose! i think anything neutral would be great. understated and romantic. whites, grays, navy, etc. etc. etc. no black. or a pop of mustard!

  5. I've been enjoying your blog and subscribed to you in my google reader! Love your crafty projects... wish I could be more crafty! I cook instead and just end up coughing up the $ for cute necklaces like you guys made in your last blog. Can't wait to hear more!

  6. Cute, but that's a WHOLE lot of ruffle, even for you Miss Abbigail!


  7. Abby-

    I heart your blog. And you can add me to those 11 readers (that is if you remember who I am)!

    (Hillary d's friend from Ohio)

  8. megan! you're cute! thanks for reading!!