Tuesday, October 19, 2010

for marcus

it was pointed out to me that i left marcus out of my post yesterday.  marcus is megan's boyfriend.  and he is #1 in my book.  (well, probably actually #1.5 because taylor is #1 in my book...but you get my point.)  marcus stayed in all weekend to entertain us girls and put up with our crafting--tv watching--junk food eating--beyonce drooling--gossiping bad habits all weekend!  he was a really good sport because we were probably really annoying.  marcus even crafted with us.  he helped us prep a whole bunch of projects.  he was basically the crafting version of a sous chef.

i wish i could introduce you to marcus but i really was a deadbeat photographer this weekend so i don't have any great pictures to share.  so here is the only picture i took of marcus.

(do you like the clock collage?  i have nominated myself as megan & marcus' decorator and i ordered them to hang those clocks.  i am a bossy decorator.  marcus calls me Dear Genevieve (not implying that she is bossy...but just that she is a decorator.)  the clocks were one of our projects the trip before last.  i will show you our other projects from megan & marcus' townhouse makeover another time.)

oh wait, i just found these stored on my computer.  here is a better picture so you can meet marcus. 
(it's 4 years old, taken at my wedding.)

megan & marcus.  beautiful couple.

i love these people!

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