Tuesday, October 26, 2010

couch potato.

I take couch shopping very seriously. Must be because I have inherited the couch potato gene from both my parents. That’s right; they got me from both sides. There’s no escaping it. Thanks mom and dad. Some might not think this is a big deal, but you see, Taylor is not a couch potato. In fact, if you lined up every single person in this world and rank them by the degree in which they are a couch potato, Taylor would be at the very end of the line.

(Many a days I try my best to fight back against my natural couch potato syndrome. Taylor loves me best on these days. But some days I just give in….usually when there is a Law and Order marathon on TNT or something.)

But anyway, this isn’t about me and my bad habits. It’s actually about my couch.

Taylor and I found this couch:

at East Town Antiques in Grand Rapids back in January 2009 right after we started our house remodel project.  Immediately we liked the shape and scale.  We knew we needed a petite couch because the rooms of our 1865 downtown farmhouse are quite small.  We liked the idea of having this lonely girl reupholstered and turn her into something that reflects us; something that could set the tone for our house and that could be a conversation piece.  So, we tested the cushions (she was solid but not cozy), picked out some fabric (this took forever) and brought her home to three.one.two. east central.  (ahh.)

This couch in this position served us well for just over a year. But…realistically, we decided that our living room couch needed to be something that could withstand two dirty Airedales, smeared mascara from my Sunday afternoon naps, the clumsiness of Taylor’s football-watching man-friends, and the sticky fingers and drool from the mini downtown farm children that will someday inhabit our downtown farmhouse.

So, to preserve the custom couch that we spent so much effort on (I know I summed it up pretty quickly above but it actually took a lot of energy) and to regain comfort in our living room….we played a little game of switcharoo.  The funky orange antique couch got bumped to the "parlor" where she will only be used by fancy ladies drinking english tea (in other words, never.) and we found a more durable player to take one for the team in our living room...

Meet Ikea’s Ektorp Sofa. Svanby gray.
Decently comfortable. (more comfortable than our antique couch but I wouldn’t say she’s the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on. But let’s be honest, comfort is not our style.)
Love the color… and
L.O.V.E. the scale.

And now all is right with the world.  Bring on the naps!

BTW...for those of you who are new to the world of blogging and are only reading my blog to support me (thank you, keep on keeping on.) anyway, you may not be familiar with link parties!  This is when a blogger invites other bloggers to post a relevant picture and link to their own blog.  I am sure it happens in all types of blogs but I see it most in craft and home decor blogs.  (my fave.)  For instance, I just partied by heart out at Primitive and Proper's Link Party.  (Thanks for the invitation!)  The theme was furniture remodels -- I posted a link of the antique couch that you all just met.  Now all of the blog stalkers from Primitive and Proper get to meet my couch.  It's a great way to swap ideas!!  I am not advanced enough to host my own link party yet (plus I don't have enough followers yet.)  Maybe someday.

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  1. looks great both the antique couch and the ikea one. such a pretty dark grey too. your home is adorable. love your style!

  2. abby, i've had my eye on a midcentury sofa at harvest antiques for a while now, but i don't know enough about reupholstery to tackle it myself. who did you use? will the cheapskate in me be satisfied?

  3. sarah -- i would say if you're frugal you can flip a couch for a little less than the cost of buying a new couch. (depending, of course, on what spend on the antique and if you use a 40% off one cut of fabric from joanns.)

    we didn't really save $$ by having our couch custom made but we didn't really lose money either. (unless you consider the fact that we no longer use the couch!!) :)

    taylor's mom hooked me up with her guy that does her upholstry. he was a handful. his work was beautiful but i got a big fat lecture on the type of fabric i was choosing.

  4. wow! i LOVE this couch- it is GORGEOUS! i wish i could do upholstery... i dream of one day owning a supercool and hip updated couch like this! thanks so much for joining my party! and is that your front door in the top left- yellow against the gray home? love it! i am happy to become a new follower!

  5. Ah couches....I have some really ugly ones....mainly because they were cheap....and they have lasted and lasted.. so I still have them. Some day I may get new ones....guess I will dream on ;-)

  6. No way! I just went to Eastown Antiques today!