Friday, October 22, 2010

halloween party for grown ups.

Want to throw a little pre-game Halloween Party for the big kids in your life? Read on..

All it takes is:

A handful of thirsty neighbors.

An Extra-Scary Bloody Mary Buffet. (actually it’s only extra scary for the hostess who is trying to disguise her anxiety attack hoping nobody spills tomato juice all over her new couch!)

Spicy Shredded ‘don’t-be-a-chicken’ BBQ Sliders. (basically pulled pork sandwiches. 84 pork, add chicken.)

A Haunted Tower of Millionaire Bars. combine every delicious ingredient you have ever had in a bar…and you’ve got yourself a Millionaire Bar: rice krispies, oats, peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallows, butterscotch, peanuts, coconut. Oh my! Thanks for the recipe, Beth! (BTW, the glass cover on my cake plate rattles when you open and close it…hence the “haunted” part.)


A Basket of Treats for Tricks.  Now this is pretty cute, if I am allowed to say so myself. I have this adorable long wire basket that I filled with mason jars (one of my obsessions.) Each jar was filled with old fashioned Halloween candy & fall colored treats: candy corn, little pumpkins, black licorice, Reeses Pieces and Milkduds.   (I didn't actually make anyone do tricks but I did write "trick or treat" on a little chalkboard tile.)

Ok, I know the Halloween Theme is a bit of a stretch since I just made up all of those food titles about 3 minutes ago.  This Halloween Party Tutorial is a little make-shift because I didn’t actually host a Halloween Party.  I hosted a Pumpkinfest Parade tailgate (inside my house) Party.  Just a spur of the moment little way for my neighbors to enjoy  some yummy fall flavors while watching Zeeland’s annual Pumpkinfest Parade (which marches right past our house.)  Well, the girls & kids watched the parade.  The boys watched football on TV.


You see, I have to admit that I am not really a fan of Halloween. Not yet anyway. No kids = I can still get away with being a Halloween Scrooge. Taylor and I actually have a little tradition where we skip town for Halloween. First of all, we’re not into costume parties. And our other option is to stay home and hand out candy but I can only imagine how much of a hassle it would be to restrain two overly friendly airedales from personally greeting the 2,884,749,091 trick-or-treaters that climb their way up and down Central Avenue. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

So, instead we just ship the dogs off to The Dog House Resort, pack our bags and cruise control our way down to the bluegrass state to see some of our favorite people.

chris and sarah clark.

and now this little guy too….jansen clark. so.very.precious.
Moral of the story: the menu is perfect for any fall party...only it’s been 3 weeks since I took these pictures so I tried fake you out like it was a good idea for Halloween.  That’s all.

p.s. i just tried to get you a link to the recipe for millionaire bars but it seems google's version and my version are quite different.  ignore google and i will post my recipe soon!

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  1. Looks like fun and decorated to the T